Best Portable Home Gym Sets Review

Portable gym sets not only give you a flexible workout plan but also a means to stay fit without having to spend more than enough. These sets require only a small exercise space and you can carry them and use them anywhere at any time.

Following is a review of the best portable home gym sets, features and how they’re used plus tips on what to look for when shopping for these fitness accessories.

1. Bodyboss Portable Gym

This gym can be used by anyone irrespective of their height, weight or age. It can easily be optimized for a harder workout and is easy to carry.


  • This portable gym offers you a full-body workout at your convenience. It comes with an exercise booklet and you can train using the provided videos where you exercise alongside recorded trainers.
  • The starter set has a base that is designed to withstand your stance while moving through various exercises without skidding.
  • The kit comes with two resistance bands, two handles, two wrist straps, a collapsible workout bar, a carryall bag, and a door anchor. It also comes with a workout guide, downloadable links, and an instruction manual that you use while training.


  • It is lightweight and has a compact design
  • The components are of high quality and they are sturdy
  • For an extreme workout, simply tighten or add more bands
  • The possibility of injury reduces significantly since bands are used instead of dumbbells.


  • Not all accessories can fit in the folded gym
  • Customer services usually take time before responding to queries.

2. OYO personal gym


The personal gym is made from Bowflex and is a lightweight and efficient fitness tool hence can easily be transported.

This kit weighs less than two pounds and can easily be packed thus you can work out at any place.

The system is designed using a resistance technology known as Spiraflex.

The unique design applies both muscle groups for one motion thus reduces workout time by half.

You can practice 75 different exercises using this kit and through referring to the exercise chart.


  • It offers an effective workout for various body parts.
  • It is softer on joins as compared to weights
  • The package comes with a DVD that you use for demonstrating exercises.


  • It is difficult to assemble the parts.
  • Some clients have claimed that the system never offers fluid motion.

3. Go Fit Ultimate Pro Gym set


This gym set is made from rubber and will help you achieve your fitness goals. The set aims to add or subtract resistance that you can achieve by either adding or removing resistance tubes.

The set offers three levels of resistance; heavy, medium and light and they all have different colors to differentiate the levels of resistance.

This will enable you to achieve seven different levels of resistance by employing different combinations of the three.

The complete set comes with three resistance tubes, a door anchor, an instruction DVD, two ankle straps, a training manual, and a travel bag.


  • It is lightweight and has a compact design
  • The components are of high quality and they are sturdy


It is difficult to assemble the parts.

4. Gorilla Bow Portable Home Gym


The Gorilla bow makes use of resistance bands differently. The resistance bands are strapped onto a bow and a workout system is designed around it. This kit provides a full-body workout and is portable.

It has an aluminum bow that is coupled with resistance bands, which can be interchanged to either increase or reduce the amount of resistance.

The resistance bands can stretch therefore allows you to perform exercises such as bicep curls, shoulder presses, triceps extensions, and squats.

The four latex resistance bands offer different resistance levels of 10 pounds, 20 pounds, 32 pounds, and 45 pounds.

The bow and resistance bands weigh less than nine pounds.

The aluminum bow can withstand up to 310 pounds without breaking.


  • The bow is constructed from aircraft quality aluminum
  • It has four resistance bands
  • It has a travel bag that is suitable for storing bands
  • It is portable therefore can easily be stored in the house
  • The set offers you a full-body workout
  • The set comes with a great warranty


The bow never folds, therefore, it would be difficult to fly when exercising.

5. Band board Workout


  • This workout set has multiple levels of resistance and is the first movable resistance band workout that can be used for a complete workout.
  • It offers unlimited training for the whole body. It also comes with a workout guide that works effectively as though you are with a fitness trainer.
  • The gym set is portable hence is perfect for use at the office and while traveling. It is lightweight and enables you to perform quality exercises.
  • It has four quick release adjustments that you can set to achieve your desired resistance. With this gym set, you can perform your exercises while standing, sitting, kneeling, and while lying on your back. This is unlike typical gym sets where you have to place bands underneath your feet.
  • The quick-release resistance bands will enable you to measure strength improvement and helps you maintain a physical symmetry.

6. Gymwell Portable Resistance workout set


  • The package has two training manuals that contain 76 movements that are arranged according to muscle groups. You can, therefore, watch the instructor free, this cuts on workout expenditure.
  • The set comes with three pairs of resistance bands that are adjustable. The tension levels on the resistance bands vary between 30 pounds to 120 pounds. This kit offers maximum versatility.
  • It comes with a pair of ankle straps to enable you to accomplish various exercises such as rows, curls, deadlifts, squats among other exercises. The kit, therefore, has an innovative design.
  • An anchor strap in the workout set that enables you to use the gym set on poles, trees, hooks, and anything can withhold your body weight. You can use the resistance bands along with the workout bar to train for core stability, coordination challenges, and power.


  • It has a travel bag that is suitable for storing bands
  • It is portable therefore can easily be stored in the house
  • The set offers you a full-body workout


It is difficult to assemble the parts.

7. WODfitters Portable home gym


  • The set is portable, convenient and fun since it allows you to perform various exercises while at home or when traveling.
  • It has heavy-duty handles and carabineers that convert your bands into barbells and dumbbells without hurting your joints.
  • The four band levels offer different resistance levels since you can combine them to provide difficulty.


  • The set is easy to store and lightweight.
  • This kit takes care of your joints since it offers cardio and strength training. This spares your joints from accidents.

Portable Gyms Benefits

There are various reasons why you should consider having a portable gym, especially one at your house. The reasons could be pertinent to your situation. Some reasons include:

  • They are lightweight which means go with them anywhere and use them in any place.
  • They cost less compared to other machines and gym memberships. This means you will save some money.
  • The portable gym will fit your schedule. You’ll never have to worry about attending commercial-based gyms and fitting into their schedule. You simply exercise at your own time and convenience.
  • It offers you a contingency plan since you may experience unforeseen obstacles that may interrupt your routine training sessions. The portable gym ensures that you fit in your routine sessions and keep track of your body despite unavoidable circumstances that may hinder you.
  • Portable gyms offer you a private training ground that best suits you. You will end up setting an environment that you enjoy and play the loud music you love. This will enable you to maintain focus since will avoid distractions found in most commercial gyms.
  • Finally, you can train with your desired intensity since once you are familiar with how they work, exceeding your limit even without a gym instructor’s scrutiny will be easy.

Portable Gyms Buyers Guide

Before buying any of the above portable gym sets, following are the key factors you consider


Gym set dimensions vary in terms of weight and the space they occupy. You must consider this aspect based on your travel schedule. Most effective portable fitness devices should be less than two feet long and weigh 15 pounds or less.


Regardless of the type of resistance, travel needs, durability, and other factors, the gym set up you decide to purchase must fit your budget.

Future Maintenance Needs

You must consider whether the brand you plan to purchase offers a warranty. Gorilla Bow Portable Home Gym offers a suitable solution to clients and assists clients with delivery, installation, and recurrent maintenance.

Delivery and Installation

Most gym set companies deliver the equipment but never handle the installation. Remember that setting up the home gym might be a nightmare. Pick a company that delivers the gym set to your home and installs it for you.

New or Used Equipment

When purchasing gym sets, you might wonder whether to purchase new or used equipment. New equipment could be costly but keep in mind that it comes with a warranty and you will get the latest products in the market. Used equipment is cheaper and may offer you a similar service. You must, therefore, consider this factor before purchasing a gym set.

Magnitude of Resistance

There are three categories of portable gyms based on resistance:

  • Resistant band based- these gyms provide a type of variable resistance, in that, resistance increases whenever the band is stretched. Most band based portable gyms have a bar or handle.
  • Spring Loaded- These portable gyms use springs that offer different resistance. They have a bow-shaped tool that you can compress. The gym sets are suitable for traveling simply because it comes in one package. You do not need to assemble parts.
  • Suspension Trainers- These gym sets have a strap, handles, and an anchor. These gym sets are versatile and challenging. You can modify the exercise to suit your fitness plan but these gym sets are not designed for everyone.

Travel Needs

Ask yourself whether you will exclusively use the portable gym away from home or you will also use it at home. Suspension trainers are suitable for home use and can be used when traveling. Pick a gym set that best suits your travel needs.


You must consider the material used to manufacture the gym set. You need one that lasts longer. Aluminum-based gym sets have proven to last longer. Long-lasting gym sets can be expensive, therefore consider the cost as well before purchasing the exercise equipment.