Best Resistance Band Exercises for Butt/Glute for Women

Working out any part of the body with resistance bands helps a lot in attaining the desired results compared to using only your body weight or gym weights. The reason is that bands force your body to use the exact parts desired. In working out the glutes and butt for example, bands will force your body to work out glutes rather than the legs.

The best band exercises for your glutes include donkey kicks, band hip thrust, lateral band walk, glute bridge, hip bridge with alternating leg extensions, banded walk, clamshells, rainbow kicks, fire hydrants, plank jacks, and kneeling leg lifts.

These exercises, if done correctly and consistently, will see you get the butt you’ve been desiring in a short while. An additional benefit is that these exercises also target other leg muscles including hamstring Ensure that your motions are done slowly and steadily to avoid any injuries.

Glute muscles

For an all-round Glute workout, perform these eleven(11) exercises with a resistance band often. Don’t rush the workouts as results take a while to appear.

1. Donkey Kicks with Bands

Doing donkey kicks, also commonly referred to as kickbacks, stretches the front thigh while compressing the back thigh with great results.

With a band, you have more resistance to the exercise that leads to faster results. Also, while the form remains the same, the exercise can be varied with the location of the band as detailed below:

  • Go on all fours then loop a band above your knees. You then maintain the posture of the body while lifting one leg until the foreleg is perpendicular to the ground then you work on the other one.
  • In the second case, you loop one end of the band around the ankle of the right foot then the sole of the left foot. You then do the donkey kick with the left foot for a given number of reps before moving the band to the ankle on the left foot and the sole of the right foot.

Perform 15 reps on each foot in 3 sets.

How to perform banded donkey kicks

2. Side steps/Lateral Band Walk

The lateral walk is simply a quarter squat while stepping to the sides of your body. On its own, it’s a difficult exercise to pull off. When you add the band, it becomes even tougher. The good news is, its results are immense.

It’s done as follows:

  • Place the band at your ankles then assume a quarter squat position with your feet hip width apart. You can have your hands akimbo or held together at your chest.
  • Make a step to the left until your feet are wider than your shoulders. Follow through with a step of the right foot in the same direction until the feet are shoulder width apart again. Do this until the left leg has made three steps before making three corresponding steps to the right.

Given that a single rep is when you’ve made 3 steps left and 3 steps right, perform 15 reps.

3. Hip Thrust

This is a pure hip extension workout that focuses on gluteals and hamstrings. Most fitness gurus also agree that is one the best exercises for mind and muscle connection.

Following is a quick video of hip thrust with resistance bands

4. Glute Bridge for Thighs and Glutes

The glute bridge exercise works the whole area from your lower back to the thighs. It also helps with your front side from the abs all the way to the knees. With the addition of the resistance band, the results become more pronounced.

Follow these steps:

  • Lie on the ground facing upwards with your knees bent and your feet firmly on the ground.
  • Wrap the resistance band just above your knees with some tension when your knees are shoulder width apart.
  • While maintaining tension in the band and keeping the feet and shoulders firmly on the ground, lift your midsection up until you form a straight line from your knees to your chest.
  • Hold for a moment then let your back touch the ground again.

Perform 15 reps and in 3 sets.

5. Hip Bridge with Alternating Leg Extensions

This a variation of glute bridge (number 4 in this list), one of the most basic yet important exercises for the glutes. The band hip bridge with alternating leg extensions makes the basic glute bridge more effective.

It’s performed as follows:

  • Lie on your back and loop a band just above your knees as you did in the standard hip bridge. Your feet should be fully on the ground and your hands besides your body for stability. Keep the knees shoulder width apart and the band tight.
  • Raise your hips to form a straight line from the knees to the shoulders then one leg to complete the line before returning to the starting point and doing so with the other leg. Once each leg has been raised, it’s a rep.

Perform 15 reps of the exercise.

6. Banded Walk

The banded walk is simply walking but there’s restriction from the resistance band. To do that, follow these steps:

  • Loop the band around your ankles then stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Ensures there’s some tension in the band at the resting position. You may place your hands on your waist or around the chest.
  • While bending your midsection a bit, make a step forward as much as you can. That’s a single rep. You then make a series of steps forwards and backwards as the space you have will allow.

Given that each step is a rep, perform 10 steps forward and 10 backwards to complete a set.

7. Clamshells

The clamshell exercise is meant to improve your butt muscles and tone them as well. Even without the band, it’s still a very effective exercise. However, the band forces the glutes to work extra hard thus leading to results faster than if you did it with no bands.

The procedure is as follows:

  • Lie on your side with your head supported by your hand and the other hand holding the ground in front of you.
  • Bend your knees to attain a 90-degree angle at the knees while ensuring the feet are in line with the upper body.
  • Loop a band right above your knees then open your legs at the knees as much as possible. Ensure the feet are still together and only the upper knee moves.

Perform 15 reps of 3 sets. A set entails opening and closing the knees.

8. Rainbow Kicks

The starting point for this workout is similar to that of the donkey kick explained above. The main difference is that, instead of kicking, you’ll be moving a stretched leg right and left as explained in the following steps:

  • Go on all fours then loop one end of the band under your right foot. Hold the two ends of the band under each hand.
  • Stretch out the right leg then move it to the right then down, and to the left and down. The up and down motion should form an arch which is the origin of the rainbow name.

Perform 15 reps for each foot in 3 sets.

9. Fire Hydrants

Another exercise very similar to the donkey kick is the fire hydrant. While using the same starting position, the fire hydrant exercises your glutes when you open and close your hips. It’s like a mix between a donkey kick and a clamshell.

It’s done as follows:

  • Start by going on all fours and looping the band above your knees.
  • With one foot, open your legs and take the foot as high against the band as possible. Ensure to keep the body in the right posture and not lean to any side while lifting the leg.

Perform 15 reps on each leg.

10. Kneeling Leg Lifts

The kneeling leg lifts entail kneeling on one knee then extending the other leg sideways with the band providing resistance to this motion. It works on your thigh and glute muscles.

The process is as follows:

  • Wrap the band above your knees then kneel with the left knee while stretching out the other leg on the right. Your left hand should touch the ground for stability.
  • In this position, extend the right foot up and outward as far as you can without toppling over or bending it. You then return it to the starting position to complete the rep.

Perform 15 reps on the right leg then switch it the left leg as well.

11. Plank Jacks

This is a hybrid of jumping jacks and a high plank posture. The legs are then forced to exert more outward force against the band. This builds your inner thighs.

The exercise is done with the following steps:

  • Go into a high plank position whereby you hold up your body with your hands from the ground while creating a straight line from your shoulders to your heels.
  • Wrap the band around your ankles and ensure there’s tension in the band by keeping the feet at least shoulder width apart.
  • Jump the feet wide apart and against the tension of the band then jump back to the starting position.

Perform 15 reps of the exercise.

These exercises work the glutes/butts and some, like the plank jack, build the abs as well. You’ll thus have a great body all round.

Best Resistance Bands for Glutes

To best perform the exercises listed above, you’ll need a quality band or set or bands. The best at the moment are the following:

1. Tribe Resistance Bands Set

2. REEHUT Single Resistance Band

3. Lim Resistance Bands Exercise Loops

4. FOMI 7 Ring Stretch and Resistance Exercise Band

5. Koncle 11 pcs Resistance Band Set

They are very affordable yet of the best quality for all your resistance band workouts.

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